About Mike Hanna

Welcome to Mike Hanna’s official website. Mike is a real estate investor, hard money lender, mentor and author. Over the past 15 years, Mike has successfully completed hundreds real estate investor transactions through wholesaling, flipping, and building a single-family and multi-family rental portfolio. He has also helped hundreds of real estate investors successfully analyze and finance their deals, in
over 1200 hard money loans.

Mike is the leader of the North Texas REI Mastermind Group, whose members close over 100 transactions combined per month. He is the managing partner of Investmark Mortgage, LLC, a 3-time, award winning, hard money lender. He is a Certified Private Lender by the American Association of Private Lenders (AAPL), and is a member of the AAPL Ethics Advisory Committee.

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About the Book

Easier Than You Think eliminates the guesswork so many investors experience when getting started. From understanding your investing strategies, to finding deals, performing due diligence correctly, to successfully making offers, this book covers it all, in a simple and easy to follow format. You will also learn what Mike believes is the most important thing you can do right now to take your investing to
the next level. 

Are you frustrated because you don’t know where to begin? You’re not alone. For years, there has been a lot of noise in the real estate investing world that has created confusion for so many. However, Mike will show you that success is Easier Than You Think.

Put yourself on the correct path to identifying what you want to accomplish, and see how to get there based on real world experience. After the first few chapters, you will know more about what it takes to be successful, than many investors who have actually done deals.

Why Read This Book?
Fair question. Aren’t there enough books out there on real estate investing? Sure there are. I have read many of them. Did I get anything out of those books? Yes, I did. But many left me hanging on the “how to” or didn’t provide enough detail or advice, or were more motivational and inspiring than filled with the kind of hands-on knowledge I needed to take action. Also, some books out there have ideas that are over-complicated, outdated, or contain concepts that are now illegal to do.

After reading some of these books, I started to wonder if the author was actually in the real estate investing business or just someone trying to sell books. It always bothers me when some so-called guru makes more money from teaching a topic than they make actually doing it. This book was written by someone who is a successful real estate investor.

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